If you would like to leave a review for Ally, then please send it via email to and it will be copied & pasted onto this page for everyone to read. Thank you for all your kind support.

Ally has a wonderful gift. He gave me a very precise and detailed reading. He picked up on so much more than I had asked about. I will definitely be coming back to Ally in the future for guidance. He is a lovely compassionate, gifted gentleman.
Outstanding and detailed reading!!!! Amazing. So compassionate and kind soul he is!
Ally is by far the best reader I've ever had my past 2 situations he told me step by step what would happen and it did even though I though it wouldn't his timescales are also on point I would not use any other reader now this guy is the real deal and speaks the truth.
I’m so happy with my reading!! I feel a connection with Ally. He read my energy and my situation well. He gave me pointers on how I should handle the situation. He is kind, caring individual!! From now on he will be my go to reader! Hands down he is the best! Thank you so much!

He told me in 7 days you will receive some kind of surprise, and I did on the 7th day I had an unexpected large deposit to my bank account. He has been accurate on everything and all his predictions have happened thank you so very much Ally :)
Ally's readings are insightful and reliable. He read for me 2 years ago and what he saw is what happened. Now I am grateful for his insight as I work through a challenging situation. Thank you Ally, our reading gave me the clarity I needed to be able to focus on my life and being productive again.
Truly amazing! Ally was able to give so many details about my situation and patiently answered all my questions in the following readings. Between 1st and 3rd reading, things were already happening just as he said they will. Let’s see how things will unfold.
I have a few readings with Ally. He is amazing. Thank you for todays reading.. Like always brilliant. Love to talk with you, spot on. D
How amazing this young man is I cannot put into words.. I have had readings by many but his strength and accuracy immediately has been mind blowing. Thank you for reassuring me on the things that I was lost with. He needs no feeding with info he just does an amazing job all by himself. Thank you x
Trust this man. Honest, kind, and amazingly accurate. All the readings I’ve had with him so far have been on point, he read my situation exactly as it is, and the predictions he gave me happened, some within HOURS of speaking to him. Thank you again Ally I had to leave a review on here too :)
Ally has an amazing ability to see straight into the heart of the matter. The timing has gave with regards a certain person re-entering in my life were down to the day! He gave me a clear understanding of what was happening & what to expect. Never expected so much detail from an email. Namaste
Ally has an incredible ability to give accurate insight into a situation. Not only is he a really sweet guy he can read the energy of people remarkably well. I cannot thank Ally enough.
Ally thank you a lot. You are amazing. All predictions by now are correct. You are always so accurate with timing unbelievable. I always believe you. God bless you.
I would say Ally's reading is one of the best readings I have ever had. Ally connects straight away where Ally asks no questions. Ally connected with my loved ones in spirit world. Ally gave validations that no one would have known about. Highly recommended. Thank you for an amazing reading!
I came to Ally Key, because I was very confused and needed clarity, and what can I say? A fantastic and the best far on here. His reading left me feeling happy, and removed the confusion that I had. Thank you so much, worth every penny!!!

Hi Ally 

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that many things have come to pass from my reading with you over the last few months. You were clear honest and most of all correct in all that you saw from the legal issue  which came as a bolt out of the blue I should have paid a bit more attention to you, to the timings around a move etc so many of your validations and predictions were spot on. I can thoroughly recommend a reading with you to anyone if they want honest, accurate guidance. Keep up the good work. L x



Hi Ally

My goodness you were spot on...  But then you always are!!! You were so right on all counts at work etc It is ironic... and what you said was coming is... I am doing as you told me and sitting tight...Thank you so much..Anyone thinking of having a reading with Ally, the proof is in the pudding, he covers what is coming right up on your doorstep... Amazeballs!!!!! Some people just get a connection with you and some dont. But he rocks!!! Moo Moo


Hi Ally, at the end of last year you gave me two dates, the first being 21st of Nov and the second was the 10th of Jan, where you said there was a new job for me. I never take notice of dates as they can be impossible, but not with you, you were spot on, the job happened on the 10th and the date in Nov was important too for an entirely different reason. A fantastic reading, very clear, precise and non-judgmental. It was great talking to you. I'll be back for more at some point, but a very big thank you and best wishes for 2014 in the meantime. J xx



Just want to thank you for the fantastic  and accurate reading you did for me, totally blew me away and so spot on.  You have no idea how much it meant to me and the boost it has given to my confidence. Feel so much more motivated, positive and excited about my spiritual path, loved the meditation too and really appreciate you taking the time to do that with me.  So easy to talk to you and felt like talking to a friend.  Will be recommending you to all my friends.


ALLY, you are the best and the way you described my situation was so right. I'm looking forward to my opportunity now. Thank you so much, I personally request Ally to everyone, he is very good with his work. Thanks Ally, speak to you soon. A


 E J Wilson 

I am not one for leaving testimonials, as everyone tends to have their own ideas about how or what a reading should be like. I have had a couple of reading now, from Ally, and things he has said, over a period of time have come true and spot on!  This Scottish man, is straight to the point, no messing, and if you like straight talking, I can recommend a reading from him. I still, get surprised, when things happen, and I look back at a reading, and see it plain as day written down. He some how has managed to know actually how I feel, within certain things, being it from life, work and relationships. If you want a proper down to earth reading, Ally is defo the man to do your reading. Many thanks again for all your help !!


Debs Kent 

I had a reading with Ally 5 weeks ago. Ally told me I would have a troublesome 4 weeks, things would look clearer in week 5 and big changes would start from week 6. Well I am in week 5 now, with the first 4 weeks being terrible, one way or another and this week (week 5) my head is so much clearer and I am getting signs from angles and past loved ones guiding me forward. 

When Ally started my reading, for someone who knows nothing about me, he described me and my life down to a T. It  was so scarily accurate. 

I would recommend Ally to everyone and I will definitely be going back in a few months for another reading. Thanks Ally :-)


Sandra bird 

WOW what an amazing reading. everything said was just perfect. lots of confirmation on my dad, especially about the spiders ! Ally has an amazing talent, truly gifted. Thank you soooooo much Ally , you are a credit to your profession. Highly recommended to all. Sandra xx



Reading done on the 09th October 2013

Well what can i say but WOW 100% correct in everything and even though it was emotional It was what i needed to hear. Thank you so much Ally cant recomend him enough with his amazing talent just like hes an amazing person.And Thanks to Sadie too for the coffee and lovely company



had a reading last night could not believe how accurate he was had a very warm welcome and i left feeling like the weight had  been lifted highly reccomend ally as a genuine honest person thank u  x



brilliant...the best no this guy for his soul and gift....xoxoxoxxo


First and foremost I would like to say this is my first ever reading with this gentleman, and in a nutshell, he is fantastic. This man literally told the situation of what was happening currently in my love life. I never mentioned a word. He automatically connects into your situation, no nonsense type of man. Give Ally a try he is the “real deal“! Thank you Ally for a fantastic reading.


I don't usually leave a testimonial. Wow..The reading was amazing! He was accurate in picking up everything around me with my situation. Believe me I have had many readings and none have impressed me as much as Ally Key. I would definitely come back and have another reading. Thank you. K


WAOW! I am speechless... Extremely talented and charming gentleman that most definitely knows a lot about my situation! He is very confident and knows how to make you feel secure as well by choosing the right words to let you know what he sees and feels. You won't feel offended, you will feel uplifted! Very skilled and talented, Ally Key is indeed and an extremely fantastic reader. He said everything, no time wasted, he is genuinely kind and was honest and straight to the point, which is what we want. No questions asked other than name & d.o.b in order for him to connect with you and the person! I am totally baffled as he was saying everything as it is. He also knows how to guide you and can most definitely make you laugh even if you may feel a little low :) Ally Key, you are AMAZING and so gifted! Thank you for sharing your gift and for being so honest and truthful with me :) I will call you back for sure! Best wishes to you and of course to you all! C.



Ally Key is one of the best readers I have ever spoken to. He gives plenty of validations and has great insight into your situation. Detailed information just flows from him... I've been going through a very tough time emotionally due to a relationship issue. Ally has been so kind, understanding and supportive with loads of information that truly came from spirit as there was so much he could not have known!.. Ally you are indeed a blessed soul and bestow your blessing with your God given gift to bring comfort to those is deep distress... Love, light and blessings for the great work you are doing... Deena


Phenomenal reader! Absolutely amazing! Hours later and I am still sitting here with my mouth wide open!!


I had a reading with Ally sometime ago and in this reading he told me something that really upset me at the time and I got very upset at him, but he was SPOT ON! All other readers told me that we would have a brilliant future together and that it would even lead to marriage. Ally told me he was seeing another women and Ally was right. Other readers also told me that my best friend and I would never be in a relationship together as he wasn't interested in me beyond a friend! Ally told me that I had a future with this friend and that we would be together!!! Ladies and gentleman he was right again!!!!!! Ally is very honest and won't tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you the truth! You must give him a call! He's up there with pearl!!! Xxx Thank you Ally! You're the best!


Oh my goodness this gentlemen is truly outstanding. Probably the best reading I have ever had in my whole entire life. Before I contacted Ally I had a gut feeling he was going to be good but nothing prepared me for the lovely, in depth, accurate and spot on reading I got from him! It's been 48 hours since and I am still in a daze of amazement... Ally literally told me EVERYTHING that was happening around me... He covered my past present and future in such a short space of time. He described me and my loved ones to a T, and informed me on how they were feeling. I was feel quite low and needed answers and clarity - I received that on Sunday 14th July and more... To top it of he has to be one of the friendliest and nicest readers I Have ever had the pleasure of speaking to ( really genuine guy) I will be returning to Ally 100%. Thank you Ally and Rena from the bottom of my heart. xx



Thank you very much Ally just had reading and spot on you have helped me big time, can only say you are the best psychic i know. Thats all i can say for anyone reading this is get a reading from him and then you too can see how amazing this guy is so don't take my word for it get and book him. I feel so much more positive and very glad i had this reading i have wanted one for a while but didnt have money til now, worth every penny believe me. Bless you Alley L&L :-) xxxxxxx

Ally is a fabulous psychic - I can only recommend him in the highest regard. Having had readings before with this gentleman he is always spot on, always frank and says it as it is in a down to earth and warm manner. I would most definitely regard him as one of the world's best psychics - I am very familiar with many top psychics globally and he is quite honestly up there with the best. Thank you so much Ally for your guidance and I will return as always. To anyone reading this do not hesitate in booking a consultation with him - you will feel a million times better after speaking to him and that is worth it's weight in gold. He's amazing!


Pattie Mulderig 

I had an email reading with Ally a few months ago, and was totally blown away with how much information he got from the picture I emailed him! Not only did he get a lot of information from the picture, but the information that he passed on to me was totally on the money! I waited a bit before posting this testimonial as I wanted to see how things shook out with a certain situation that we "spoke" (emailed, actually) about and I have to say that everything was unbelievably accurate. I highly recommend getting a reading with Ally - he will definitely tell you exactly how it is, and he is not all stuffy about it either. If humor can be injected into the reading without compromising the message, then you will definitely find yourself laughing about certain things. It was definitely money well spent and I wouldn't hesitate to come back for any future readings. Bless you, Ally and thank you!


Pauline McKay 

Ally you are an absaloutly AMAZING person, your gift is phenomenal, the things you told me in my reading were so exact and to the point and the things you told me about my brother in sprit lol you really did amaze me. you are the stuff of legends :) I would encourage anyone to have a reading with Ally x



 OMG!!!  I had a reading with Ally this morning and i have to say that i was completley blown away with his accuracy... I am one that has had many, many readings i hate to admit, but i consider myself a good judge of psychics and he is by FAR one of the BEST i have ever read with..  He knew things that he had no way of knowing unless he had gifts.. He described my b/f and his father to a T and his fathers personality..  I am waiting for the predictions to happen so i can come back and update this wonderful man.. He has such an amazing personality and gift i am going to refer him to everyone that i know.. I will be back that is for sure

Thank you soo much sweetie.. 



I had a reading with Ally last friday, he picked up on all what was going on with my life! things that he said would happen have happened already and just thank him soo much for his thruthfulness and helpfulness! wow would always come back for a reading. thankyou to brian also much love and light xxxx


neil mc nab 

hi allyboy,,,yer a true pal,,,just like morecambe and wise,,you bring me sunshine on the dullest of days,,,,pals always ,,,ye lifted me when i was down,,,gave me positivity,,,when a had wee spell of negativity,,,embrace each day,,love life and dont judge ,,,,,happy days,,,,cheers allyboy,,,x


Author Charmaine Maeer 

Me and my mum came to Dudley Castle last week and we both said what a great medium you are! thanks for sharing such a great gift! XX bless you


Jane G 

Fab reading I recently had with Ally - he is quite outstanding - very funny, laid back and tells you as it is ! Throughally enjoyable - this guy is destined for even bigger and better things and I wish him all the luck in the world! x x x 


Sarah Bywater Woodall 

just wanted to thank you again for what you told me last night at spookfest it meant so much to me and i feel i can finally start living my life again you truely have an amazing gift and you were so accurate thank you so much again you have made me feel so happy


Corinne Waterworth 

Hi Just wanted to say how impressed I was with you at the spookiest last week. I was quite reserved and unsure about the whole event but your time on stage left me amazed. You have an outstanding gift and it's lovely your using it for good


Melodie Finnie 

Still in shock, just had an unbelievable phone reading with Ally and all i can say is WoW!!!!, What a lovely pleasant funny charming man Ally is, i just love that fact that he told me exactly how it is, no aires or graces, straight to the point, Still giggling to myself at some of the things he told me, and i better watch how low cut my tops are from now on lol. Definately having another reading and definately well recommended, Just Amazing, thank you so much Ally xxxx



I had a phone reading 2day from ally. Ally is so friendly and down 2 earth. It felt easy 2 talk 2 him. From the sprit world im sure it was my grandad that he was talkin bout. Im still laughing at the comment he made about me closing the bathroom door when im in the bath. Coz thats true and no1 wud know that. I was Shock that came tho. He gave so much detail about a question i wanted 2 ask b4 i even asked it. It was like he knew what i phoned up bout. I will defo have another reading with ally xxxxxx



A few weeks ago I phoned Ally for a second reading after my first wonderful experience of his gift. He gave me further insights into my burning questions but, again, with an honesty and integrity that is rare amongst many psychics. It wasn't all what I wanted hear either which makes it all the more wonderful because he tells it straight. Thank you Ally for your perspicacity and generous nature. Mina



Had a question aswered by Ally on Psychic Today the other night, not only was he so accurate in his information and giving me a name it felt like he really knew me, very accurate info andwill be givinghim a call xx


Scot-symon Napier 

I have already written a comment on this site saying that i really enjoyed my reading with Ally, and that he was a very welcoming, approachable guy who i felt at ease with whilst getting my reading. Im writing this 2nd little review as you may call it, to advise other future members of the public who are not too sure about getting a reading that how precise everything that Ally told me has been.Whilst i was on the phone to Ally, i wrote most things down and when came to the end of the phone call i had approx 6-8 different things to think about and look out for. This was merely to see if became true. I had doubts, which most people do, but it is crazy how everything, and i do mean everything has come true. He advised on aspects with an ex partner, aspects on work and normally day to day things and it helped me react and prepare from what was round the corner. I couldnt thank Ally more and i would recommend anyone who hasnt got a strong believing in this kind of thing to just take a chance, youll be surprised to what you find out. Thanx again Ally. Take care bud.



Sometimes we search so hard that we can't see. This is also true of mediums. In this case, after many years of intermittently asking for help from supposedly 'connected' people, I feel very much that I have found (through a friend's grace) someone, at last, who doesn't tune into what YOU subconsciously desire but tells it straight. Ally's information was so perspicacious and quick that I hung on his every word and making notes was difficult because I was so taken by the accuracy and speed of the information he was receiving. It's been many years since I've had such a reading. I wasn't therefore able to ask all the questions I wanted and to explore further, But I shall be calling him again very soon to shed some light. I feel an integrity in Ally's work that I have rarely experienced.


Mel Sykes 

After my phone reading with Ally I was on cloud 9!! Such amazing detail and accuracy, all given with such friendliness and love! Blown away, I think is the term! and , apologies if my Dad gave you a hard time lol You handled him extremely welll :-) Cannot recommend Ally highly enough, a fantastic , enthusiastic and dedicated guy! many many thanks, Mel xxx



Just had a phone reading with Ally! Totally blown away" Spot on in everything! a fantastic friendly and true person, and sooo enthusiastic! Cant recommend highly enough! So pleased that my Dad came through- very emotional! Thank you soo much Ally and God bless you xxx



What can i say, really amazed by a reading i had with you Ally a few weeks ago you said i would have a Michael come into my life quite soon,and they have so we will see what happens from here on!! cheers Ally


Paul Hannon 

Ally came with us to Marsden Grotto to replace my wife who could not make it. It was great to see Ally relax and enjoy an investigation rather than work it. He proved that working with spirit is not always serious and at times can look like routine, but he showed it can be fun and spirit can have a laugh. He also showed he aint just a medium but a friend too. Hope we can do it again mate but different chip shop next time lol.


Amanda Mitchell

WOW! I recently had a phone reading with Ally and l was blown away. During the first part of my reading l explained to Ally that l thought possibly l was getting one message from two people. Ally then said he would ask for more clarification and came back with a name that stopped me in my tracks. Ally is a breath of fresh air! l instantly felt very relaxed when speaking to him. l was suppose to get a 20min reading and ended up speaking for over an hour. I most certainly will be getting Ally for a group reading to the house as all my family and friends are now pestering me to get him to do a reading for them. Thanks again Ally l most certainly will be in touch soon!



You gave me a wonderful reading!

My heart and soul resonated to information that was conveyed. You described my

situation accurately but most important by late hubby Ira who was a retired gardener

and yes indeed he was proud of his achievement despite the tragedy he endured

and grieved about at the end. All the things you described in my life is so true.

Ally thank you so much.


Catherine Kilgour 

went for a smashing reading tonight with ally omg he has left me gobsmacked on the things he told me am overwhelmed with it all ally thanku sooo much and I will defo b back for more x


Nicola Kelleher 


Just had a phone reading with Ally. I don't trust just any psychic to read for me and it was fate that brought me to Ally. I just picked up the phone and dialled. Amazing medium picked up on someone who past last year that no other psychic has even mentioned since she passed. Tuned in straight away and I didn't even say anything. I'm so happy with my career reading ill keep you posted on the progress xxx thanks



I have previously met Ally at a paranormal Investigation and you really have to be there in person to see how good he is. Ally is a very genuine nice bloke and seems to be an amazing medium. I have also had a reading with Ally and some of the things he was able to tell me were amazing and spot on, I would highly recommend a reading from him, you will not regret it.


Rachel Cross 

On Saturday the 17th of September at the Lancaster Grand Theatre had the pleasure to witness a truly outstanding piece of modern mediumship. The delivery of the information received by Ally was both emotive and thought provoking. His accuracy was second to non. Ally is an accomplished medium that embraces the gifts he was born with.


Gary Watson 

I recently attended an investigation at Lancaster Grand Theatre where Ally was the lead medium amongst a group of others. Having been on quite a few paranormal investigations over the years, and having quite a lot of knowledge of spiritualism, I tend to scrutinize mediums quite a lot during investigations. During the course of the night I became very impressed with Ally's skills, especially the trance mediumship he carried out. Throughout the night Ally further impressed with his knowledge, as he isn't just another 'give them messages' type of medium. He interacted with the group explaining how and why each experiment was being carried out, making everything that much more understandable. At the end of the evening I had the chance to have a chat with him and found him to be a very studious person in the spiritualism side of things which speaks volumes for me. Not only does he have a gift but he also wants that knowledge so that he can improve himself to understand more so that he can help people on both planes. One thing I can definitely say, is that I haven't been this impressed in a medium for years and will definitely undertake another investigation if Ally is there. if you are uncertain about going to one, book and go. You will be impressed. 

I generally think he is one of the top young mediums in the country.


Chris Conway 

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and hope to do so again at some point in the future :-)


Ina McKay 

I have seen & worked with a lot of mediums so good some not so good, (Ally is brilliant)just recently i had the privilege of seeing Ally work as a guest medium at a paranormal investigation I was blown away by his demonstration of trans mediumship & his accuracy & details about spirit that he sensed. I am so excited that ally has joined ghostseekers & I feel privileged to be working & learning from him what a fantastic guy with a wonderful gift this guys is a must to see xxx


Nelly McNab 

iv now worked with ally on two occasions,,,Aberdeen,,and Renfrew,,he blew me away with his wonderful gift,,he oozes positive energy,,,he was born for this path he chose,,,very accurate in all Add to dictionary known a person whose so truthful,honest with a passion for spirit,,im very very proud to call him a friend and true guy,,,


Andy Nixon 

I was recently on a paranormal investigation in castle menzies aberfeldy where Ally was the guest medium and I would say I was very impressed with the detail he was able to give us as to what spirits he was sensing around us. I would also like to comment about the demonstration of his trance mediumship which he said he was only beginning to develop, I found this very impressive and if not told I would have guessed he had been doing this for years. I would most definitely go on another investigation where he was the medium and would recommend him to others. Andy Nixon