"Ally Key is an experienced, trusted and established Psychic Medium & Paranormal Specialist

from within both the Psychic and Paranormal community who is passionate

in working with spirit which shows within the work he does."

Specialising within Paranormal Investigation, Haunted Exploration, Spirit Release and the Development of Paranormal Experimentation - Ally Key is an experienced, trusted and established Psychic Medium & Paranormal Specialist from within both the Psychic and Paranormal community who is passionate in working with spirit which shows within the work he does. Ally hails from Dundee Scotland, now settled within the East Midlands, England with his wife Sadie along with their adorable Rottweiler ( Wesson ) and black cats. Highlighted as one of the top most distinctive Psychics in the business who says it how it is, Ally demonstrates his abilities giving positive spiritual guidance to many throughout the UK, Internationally and is known for his expertise within the Paranormal field. Ally has also demonstrated his abilities and his unique style on live television on a program called 'Psychic Today' which was aired on SKY TV channel 886, Reality TV, Sumo TV, FREESAT and FREEVIEW. Ally has fantastic energy and brings a fresh, unique and modern style to his work which captures people's attention where ever he works. Ally works with spirit mainly using Mental Mediumship with different methods, however one of the great things about Ally is that he can also work on a Psychic vibration using many different tools such as the tarot along with his own natural intuition, bringing inspirational messages to guide others from all walks of life. With all that, Ally is also a current 'customer favourite' yet a valuable member of the ASK THE ANSWER team which is one of the most popular National and International platforms out there for Psychic & Spiritual readings.

"Ally has appeared and worked on over 40 LIVE television episodes as a TV Studio Psychic

which aired throughout the UK, Europe and as far as the South Pacific..."

Ally Key has been described as the "Psychic's Psychic" as he shows that support and also reads for many other Readers, Psychics, Mediums and Healers from all over the Globe within development and spiritual guidance for them. He has also been described, quoted by clients Nationally and Internationally as "One of the World's best Psychics" and is known to be a highly knowledgeable Psychic Medium and Paranormal Specialist. TV Psychic Ally Key has given and continues to give psychic & spiritual guidance to different VIP's / celebrities and high profiles from various types of industries and has also been approached for his assistance within 'missing' cases and VIP event cases. Ally also done Charity work with the latest Charity being Sturge Weber UK!! 

Ally has been in touch with his psychic abilities since the age of six and his first awareness of spirit was when he was around the age of nine years old, however at a young age Ally did not understand what was actually happening. To others around Ally during his childhood, he seemed distracted and showed within his behaviours that he was different to other kids. Ally even underwent tests by child psychologists which resulted in them putting it down to 'abnormal behavioural differences'. When Ally was within his mid twenties, he became more interested within the paranormal, the afterlife and began researching the subjects. He used to visit graveyards and other supposed haunted locations on his own and or with a selected few at the time to explore further into the unknown. As time went on Ally met like minded people to investigate further with and has created a few paranormal groups along the way. After gaining sound experience and knowledge as a Paranormal Investigator / Researcher, Ally decided to concentrate on his Mediumship as he could see, hear and sense spirit on many investigations. It was then in early 2008, Ally met a Spiritualist Minister, experienced Medium & teacher who invited Ally into their closed Mediumship Development Circle as Ally was unable to control his abilities and he did not fully understand how to use it correctly to its full potential. The Development Circle was very in depth, just like a college course with many hand outs, practical work, exams, theory understanding and it covered many different aspects within Mediumship and Paranormal Investigation. Ally took what he needed from the Development Circle, created his own style of working with his spirit team and ventured forward into working as a full - time Professional Psychic Medium & Paranormal Specialist from October 2011 which he continues to do to this day.

"Ally Key has built a good name for himself within the Paranormal World, known for

his expertise within Paranormal Investigation, his unique skills, style, 

knowledge, creativity and energetic personality."

Working as a Medium, development never ends and Ally works hard with his guides developing further his ability within Trance Mediumship, an area of Mediumship that not all Mediums develop, however Ally does not class himself as a Trance Medium just yet. With that, Ally shows interests within Physical Mediumship and constantly tries to expand his knowledge within all aspects of Paranormal Study and Mediumship. Over the years Ally has worked on the development within Paranormal Experimentation, expanding original experiments and creating new ones which has led to his creation of The Spirit Vortex, an experiment designed to hopefully manifest spirit in front of the naked eye. Recently in 2017 into 2018, as requested, Ally created and developed even more Paranormal Experiments based on different theories.


Working with his spirit team - Rena, Father Joseph, Buddy and Buba, Ally has worked the platform at Spiritualist Churches in Dundee & Perth during the later part of his development in the circle he sat and learned within. He has done the pub & social club circuit of floor, stage & table work in Scotland and then England - as well as Psychic Parties and One to One's within many people's homes from Perth to Falkirk to Glasgow to Durham to Barwell to Earl Shilton. The biggest audience Ally has worked LIVE on stage has been in front of 1,200 people back in 2012 and since then he has very quickly sold out his own Stage Show Events in Nuneaton and Barwell. Ally has also conducted many energy clearances & spirit releases of different residential & business properties throughout the UK for people who have been affected by 'haunting' and or 'spiritual' issues. To this day, Ally continues to conduct phone, email, IM chat and skype sessions giving psychic insight and spiritual guidance to many on a daily basis AND explores & investigates the unknown with #hauntextv nearly every week where permitted.

Ally has built a good name for himself within the Paranormal World, known for his expertise within Paranormal Investigation, his direct approach, his unique skills, style, knowledge, creativity and energetic personality. With that Ally has appeared as a Guest Psychic and Investigator at Events for many different Paranormal Groups in the UK such as Dusk Til Dawn Events, The Haunting, Spookfest 2012 ( working alongside Most Haunted & CBB TV Show Star Derek Acorah ) and he gave a thrilling yet honest talk at a Paranormal Convention in Wales in 2016 organised by South Wales Ghost Watch. Ally and his wife Sadie ended up owning and running The Haunting UK Ghost Hunt Events in 2014, taking a business that had lost most of its customers / followers and yet within four months made The Haunting a successful Ghost Hunting Events team selling out EVERY event they organised which echoes both Ally's and his wife Sadie's good reputation and following.


New adventures began in late 2019 as Ally along with his wife Sadie (who is an experienced Ghost Hunter herself, known within the Paranormal community), created a YouTube channel HAUNTEXTV which includes a series of videos filmed throughout their Haunted Expeditions around the UK in search of Paranormal Evidence. CLICK onto youtube.com/hauntextv to SUBSCRIBE and WATCH their video content.

"Ally has attracted the attention of many reporters, journalists,

producers and other TV, Film and Media outlets..."

2015 made another turning point for Ally when he became the creative mind, Producer and Star of a TV Pilot show HELP! I'm being Haunted! Ally created BludoctaTV, then co produced the #HIBH production with Rocktopus Entertainment and Indywood Studios which is now free to view at www.vimeo.com/bludoctatv. Being the Creator and Producer of the HELP! I'm being Haunted! an Oxford Haunting TV Pilot Episode gave Ally great hands on experience within Content Development, Video Production and Filmmaking working alongside well respected Director of Photography Josh White, Filmmaker Danny Allen and the 'crazy ass' Director of the #IOTNQD Movie AD Lane.


In 2017 Ally was asked and invited by indie film Director AD Lane to appear in his new movie, the Invasion of the Not Quite Dead where Ally has a character role as 'Jason'. 


With all that, Ally has attracted the attention of many reporters, journalists, producers and other TV, Film & Media outlets and has appeared in features for magazines / newspapers such as The Sunday People's Love Sunday Magazine, Chat it's Fate Magazine, Fate and Fortune Magazine, The Daily Record, The Mirror, The Hinckley Times, Press Reader, The Dundee Courier, Barrhead News, Evening Times and The Express.

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