Ally Key is an experienced, established and trusted Psychic Medium originally from Scotland now living in England here in the UK. Ally has been a professional, Psychic Medium since 2011 after undergoing training and development within a private 'Mediumship Development Circle' mentored by a Spiritualist Minister & Medium from Perthshire Scotland. The circle that Ally attended was very in-depth and covered many aspects from Mental Mediumship, Trance Mediumship, Psychical Mediumship, Rescue Mediumship ( spirit release ), to Energy Clearances, to Spiritual Healing, to Psychic Tools and much more... Ally has showcased his work working at Spiritual Churches, Social Clubs, Pubs, Psychic Parties, Charity Events, Stage Shows and also on LIVE television. Ally has grown a solid client base and respected reputation throughout many parts of the world over many years - he can be seen inspiring others on Social Media platforms, conducting many readings giving positive spiritual guidance and intuitive insight globally everyday on the International platform Ask the AnswerAlly has fantastic energy - he brings a fresh, unique and modern style to his work which captures people's attention where ever he works and goes. Ally works with 'spirit' mainly using Mental Mediumship with different methods, however one of the great things about Ally is that he can also work on a psychic vibration using various methods and tools.



The Tarot is a tool that Ally is well accustom to and knows very well. It is a tool that he was really drawn to and connected instantly to within his development into Mediumship and a tool that Ally has mastered over many years. Ally has conducted thousands of Tarot readings over the years from one card readings to three card readings to full Celtic cross spread readings. Ally receives a lot of in depth insight, detail and messages from each and every card connecting to energy vibrations and intuitive flow as well as being inspired by his spirit team as he works through and with the Tarot. Whether it be a card of the day, week and or month which he posts on his Social Media accounts, to full psychic readings on the International platform Ask the Answer - Ally LOVES working and connecting with and through the Tarot with a great deal of passion, flow and inspiration.


Ally has had an interest in all things Paranormal for many many years and has been actively involved within the Paranormal scene since 2007. Over the years Ally has ran, been a part of and worked with various Paranormal groups on private investigations and public events - such as Dundee Paranormal Investigators, The Scottish Paranormal Research Association, Scottish Paranormal Investigation Events Specialists, The Psychic & Science Tour ( Spookfest 2012 ), Dusk til Dawn Events, The Haunting - UK Ghost Hunt Events, South Wales Ghost Watch ( Paracon 2016 ) and to this very day HAUNTEXTV on YouTube which he runs with his wife Sadie ( who is an experienced Ghost Hunter herself, known within the Paranormal community ). Ally has investigated hundreds of supposed Haunted locations all over the UK giving him sound experience not only within the subject he has real passion for, but also as an Investigator of the Unknown. From Ghost Hunting Events, Private Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Investigations, Haunted Explorations, to house clearances, spirit releases and to the development of Paranormal experimentation Ally has gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge within the Paranormal over the years and is known from within the Paranormal community for his expertise within Paranormal Investigation, hauntings and of course Mediumship. Ally has also created, produced and starred in the TV Pilot episode HELP! I'm being HAUNTED! back in 2015 and now currently produces Paranormal video content alongside his wife Sadie for their YouTube Channel HAUNTEXTV.


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